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Vita Policy

Booking Policy

A 50 percent deposit is required to book vita plug packages. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the start of services. Failure to fulfill payment will result in cancellation and your deposit will be non-refundable. We will accommodate 1 reschedule and dates will have to be adjusted by client to suit the availability of vita plug nurses. Payments can be made by an invoice link (includes a 3.5 percent processing fee.) Apple Pay or Venmo.  Cash ap payments are not accepted. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The hourly breakdown of services cannot be changed. All hours must be used in the time frame specified in the booking details. The only package that allows hours and shift times to be changed is the 24 karat package and any changes to the schedule after surgery will require an upgrade to the package. The difference must be secured at the time of booking.

Start and Finish Times 

Private care start time will begin at the time of discharge from the surgical center. We reserve the right to begin start time before discharge if the patient requires excess time in PACU requiring our staff to wait for patient release.  This wait time will be deducted from your purchased hours. In the event of an emergency and transfer is required to a hospital under no circumstances will refunds be granted as the caregiver will remain on standby for your release and be available for tele assistance. 

Emergency Care Policy 
We reserve the right to react promptly to a potential medical emergency and are required by law to call EMS immediately if a patient presents as unstable. If a hospitalization is needed any care/ nursing hours booked with the nurse are non-refundable and may not be transferred for other services.  Due to COVID 19 restrictions we will no longer enter into the hospital with clients.  Vita plug will assume no responsibility for hospital bills or fees accrued due to hospitalization or services rendered in a 3rd party facility. 

Return Policy 
All sales are final due to sanitary reasons. We are unable to accept returns on undergarments, absorbent materials, or supplies. Please refer to our sizing chart when placing your order to ensure you receive the correct size as all sales are final and non-refundable.

Parking Policy Clients are responsible for parking for the aids and nurses. If there is a shift change with nurses, each nurse parking will be billed directly to the patient room or invoiced after service is rendered. Please keep this in mind

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